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I’m tempted to caveat the title with “(for the second time)” as I actually “finished” the sequel to my first book almost two and a half years ago. I wasn’t completely happy with it and decided to rework about a third of what I’d written, as well as expand the story in other ways. But, I got a little stuck. Balancing life and moonlighting as an author is pretty tough under normal circumstances, but I’ve also been pretty unhealthy mentally for the better part of two years.

This post will not be about that. I should and will probably write about it at some point. All I will say is that I am working on it with people I trust and am feeling way better about myself. I’ve reclaimed my passions and the iron-spined resolve it takes to finish something, and promised myself to finish this book, titled The Edge of Twilight, this week.

So I did.

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This post will contain spoilers for the movie Rogue One. Read on at your peril. I recently saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. I thoroughly enjoyed it; it may even be my favorite of all the Star Wars movies (which is saying something). I liked how it put the struggle between the Rebels and the Imperials front-and-center with only casual references to Jedi and the force. My favorite part of Star Wars - the battles - were quite intense and well-drawn.